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Lisa Greco

Lisa Greco is the owner of energia health + fitness. She is an Integrative Health Coach and Fitness Trainer with over 20 years of education and experience. Lisa believes that everyone needs to take personal responsibility for their health and fitness through consistency and commitment. 


She works with clients from the ground up building a vibrant  body through movement and healthy lifestyle practices. Through her comprehensive training methods and health coaching skills her clients become energized, powerful and confident, improving all aspects of their lives. 

Sharene jones

Sharene Jones  is the owner of sharenesrealfood and is an Integrative Health and Culinary Coach. She has been coaching clients in all things health and food related for several years. Prior to coaching she was a recipe tester and worked a cook in professional kitchens. Sharene loves to help her clients change their relationship to food and wants to makes eating well delicious, satisfying and fun. 


Sharene specializes in developing recipes and eating plans for those with food sensitivities.  She empowers her clients to feel confident with their eating choices.  

Food is her connection to wellness.


Believe in the power of good health


Prioritze self-care


Eat High Quality Food

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