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"This is great! What a beautiful presentation!! And so easy to follow"

Clean Food

5 day method

During the Re-Boot you will enjoy fresh, whole foods and incorporate exciting, new practices, including INTERMITTENT FASTING, that will transform your health and your life. 

You will eliminate common dietary triggers in order to reduce inflammation, release toxins, heal your gut and bring out the healthy glow in you.

The method includes a step-by-step plan, our GAME PLAN, recipes and meal prep, our MEAL PLAN, our INTERMITTENT FASTING GUIDE as well as wellness tips. It's all done for YOU!


"Your detox program jump started my weight loss and healthy eating, I am down 12 pounds!"

Clean Food Re-Boot Pro

Re-boot + personal coaching to guide you through it.

Amp up your RE-BOOT results with added personal support through two 30 minute one-on-one sessions with Lisa and Sharene.


"Lisa and Sharene support you 100% and are with you on every step of your health journey"

"Get HEALTHYNOW" method

a personalized approach for a healthier life

Part 1- $1000 or $175 per single session

  • 6 private + personalized consultations over 12 weeks

  • A comprehensive review of your Health History

  • Clean Food REBOOT

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Complete access to Lisa and Sharene

  • Exercise plans and personal assessment

  • Extensive recipe library and meal plans

  • Checklists

  • Accountability + support

Part 2 - $300

Extend your success, imprint long-term results and provide accountability


Additional 3 months of bi-monthy 30 minute support calls

A Single consultation - $225

  • A comprehensive review of your Health History

  • List of recommendations for healthy changes

Health Coaching

While doctors only address one issue, HEALTHYNOW looks at the total person. 

Through this WHOLISTIC approach we help you set goals and achieve them by providing accountability, eliminating self-sabotaging behaviors and creating new strategies and habits. We take time to listen to our clients and offer different programs to fit a variety of needs, but at our core, we recognize every person’s bio-individuality and develop a unique plan for each client. 

With our method you will receive a customized plan incorporating nutrition, movement, restorative practices and healthy lifestyle habits.

Kitchen Launch 101

Launch the college bound or "leaving the nest" young adult with healthy eating kitchen skills - learn basic knife technique, meal prep and meal planning

1 1/2 hours 

$225 plus food costs

MAX out your exercise plan

Shed a few pounds, build muscle and get the most out of your exercise.

50 minutes


Success Stories

I'm so pleased with the results. I lost 8 lbs while on the detox and have continued to lose 4 more lbs. And it wasn’t hard.--CC


It's really a great program.  Thank you for the videos and the daily support.  And most importantly for the recipes!  So much fun to have recipes with ingredients I have never used before.---NA

If you're looking for someone to help you achieve your health and fitness goals you need to attend Lisa’s classes. I challenge anyone to find a more knowledgeable, dedicated and experienced coach. She challenges you to give your best, and the results are self evident.


While I know you’re not “counseling” me anymore, I go back to my binder of great resources from you all the time.  I think having worked with you was so, so helpful in getting me started on the right track.  Thank you for all that... I feel like it has really helped me make better choices because I’m really only satisfied if I eat smartly.-


After two rounds of the detox I am hooked. It is both easy and difficult but the results are amazing. I love having a proven framework and I am much more mindful when I go off the plan. Thank you Sharene and Lisa!  This is exactly what I needed. 


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