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Getting the most out of your virtual workouts

On many levels the virtual world of exercise has been hugely successful. There’s something simple about rolling out of bed and working out in the comfort of our living rooms. Our home workouts have become an integral and super uplifting part of our day. What I’m hearing from clients is that they are working out everyday, something that wasn’t necessarily possible in the past. They say they need to start their day this way. It’s clearer to us now the important role exercise plays in our life. Plus I think the idea of exercising together online is supportive and fulfills our primal need to be part of something bigger.

Since you are dedicating time daily to exercise why sabotage yourself with bad habits?

Having the proper nutritional support and a recovery plan can maximize results. Here is where some of Healthynow’s programs might be helpful.

If shedding a few pounds, building muscle and getting the most out of your exercise is your goal then you may want to try our MAX OUT YOUR EXERCISE RESULTS program. Included in this plan is a 50 minute private consultation to discuss your fitness, meal planning and prep, goal setting and much more. It will provide you a clearer path toward achieving more visible results from all your hard work.

Another great option is our CLEAN FOOD RE-BOOT.

This 5 day program will boost your immune system and decrease inflammation. Something we can all use right now. It includes a daily step-by-step plan that will eliminate common dietary triggers in order to reduce inflammation, release toxins, heal your gut and bring out the healthy glow in you.

With all our programs you will actually feel better and see results.

An important component of both of these plans is Time Restricted Eating or Intermittent Fasting. Since it’s easier to do when you’re home, this might be the perfect time to give it a try.

TRF combined with metabolic exercise such as Cardio kickboxing will amp up your daily caloric expenditure and increase your metabolism.

Another roadblock preventing you from seeing results is taking too many trips to the frig out of boredom or stress. Planning all meals, recipes and snacks is helpful. This will make food shopping easier, reduce unnecessary trips to the grocery store and ensure healthier choices. Having a plan and sticking with it is empowering and helps you feel in control.

To do this, have lots of healthy options on hand. Plan all your snacks by portioning out servings in baggies such as nuts and seeds or some yummy homemade granola. In regard to meals, plan 2-3 breakfast and lunch options and for dinner enjoy some of the great recipe ideas in the HN Blog and Recipe section of our website. Also you can follow HN on IG to get inspired by Sharene’s food posts.

For a more in depth plan or if you want to chat please reach out to us. We have lots of tricks up our sleeves.

Train on warriors!!

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