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February is National Heart Health month. Did you know that women are the least informed and the most affected by heart attacks?  So scary!

We’re pretty certain you’ve come across a news story on this topic but here are a few things we want you to know because we ❤️ you!

  • Heart disease in the #1 killer of women.

  • Heart disease can affect women of all ages.

  • Heart attack symptoms for a women are usually ignored because they are often explained as symptoms of stress, anxiety or muscle pain.

  • Know the symptoms of a heart attack. They can be different from those in a man. It is well documented that women are often not taken seriously when it comes to suspected heart attacks.

  • To learn how a women’s symptoms of a heart attack may be different from a man check out:

  • Be your own advocate if you think something is wrong.  Stay in touch with your body and recognize when something doesn’t feel right. Don’t take a chance.

  • Eat a heart healthy diet. Our Clean Food Re-boot teaches you how to eat and move so you can always be 100% HEART healthy.  It’s easier than you think! Check it out here. For a list of heart healthy foods, check out

  • One way to Manage your stress levels is to do less and plan some downtime. Yes, we know this is easier said than done but give it a shot. Try our favorite breathing exercise: with your mouth closed, breathe in through your nose for 5 counts, hold your breath  for 5 counts and exhale through nose or mouth for 5 counts. See, don’t you feel better?

  • Exercise regularly. Even short spurts of exercise are beneficial, but if you are looking for something more structured, check out an energia class. Visit for the most up-to-date class schedule.

  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep.

  • Discuss your heart health with your doctors.

  • LOVE YOURSELF ENOUGH to stay informed and empowered.

Don't know where to start when it comes to getting healthy? Healthynow can help. We are here to support you with our clean food re-boot, personal wellness coaching, kitchen launch, sweet retreat™️, corporate wellness programs

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