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Salad for life!

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

No really, it can indeed improve your life, so be sure to eat salad!

The order in which you eat your meal is important.

Here's our Pro tip…Eat your salad first...

and here's why.

Eating a mixed green salad dressed extra virgin olive oil (fiber and a healthy fat) will slow the absorption of glucose which will slow down a quick spike in your insulin response. This in turn will minimize fat storage and prevent weight gain.

Fewer insulin spikes throughout the day is a good thing for your long term over-all health.👍🏻

Typical meal order, first to last


Protein and non-starchy veggies

Starchy veggies (potatoes, root veggies) or grains

bread (if dining out)

Pro tip # 2

You can have your bread and eat it too, but just not before your meal. Eating bread at the beginning of the meal raises your blood glucose level instantly and flips on your insulin switch. So save the bread for last.

As a bonus, this will prevent overindulging because you will have already satisfied your hunger.

Like we said, salad for LIFE!

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