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Stop counting calories!

Counting calories is complicated and can feel overwhelming, not to mention it takes the joy out of eating and nourishing one’s body. 

That’s why we believe thinking about the QUALITY of the food you’re eating is a smarter approach for your overall health

Ask yourself, what qualities does food possess that will optimize my health?

We have answers! Learn about our favorites and see our video below.

🍤 PROTEIN - building block for muscles and bones

Protein is an important nutrient for synthesizing muscles and muscles are necessary for building bones. Muscle is the organ of longevity.

Feed your body clean animal proteins. Look for labels that say organic, regenerative, wild, grass fed, or pasture-raised. Keep in mind, what the animal eats, you eat.

Be sure to eat protein at every meal.

🥑 HEALTHY FATS - fat does not make you fat

The right kind of fats regulate your blood sugar, reduce inflammation, promote satiety and support brain function. 

Healthy fats include olive oil, nuts, seeds, omega 3’s (from fish, walnuts and flax), avocado 

🌈 COLOR- nutrient diversity and full spectrum phytonutrients

Colorful and diverse produce provide phytonutrients which are powerful antioxidants as well as being anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic. 

Strive to “eat the rainbow” throughout the day.

🥦 FIBER - supports gut health and regulates blood sugar

Fiber feeds your gut microbes which in turn helps increase immunity, lower inflammation, increase metabolism, and regulates blood-sugar and cholesterol. Plus, big bonus, easier bowel movements.

Fiber is also necessary for the absorption of vital minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients.

🛒 KNOW WHERE YOUR FOOD COMES FROM - more nutrients, less chemicals

Eat as much organic, regenerative, local foods as possible. 

This helps limit your exposure to toxic chemicals and increases the availability of nutrients from healthy soils.

Shopping at your local farmer's market is a great way to ensure this. Plus local foods last longer and taste better. 

Food is information for your body; so why not give it the BEST you can and focus on QUALITY instead of calories. This will impact every aspect of your life.

Contact us at to create your personal HEALTHYNOW plan. Every person’s body is different and we work with you to develop a unique program to fit your needs and lifestyle.

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